About Us

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Farmers Bank and Trust Company has been around for more than a century, and continues to serve its hometown customers as Princeton, Kentucky's only locally owned and operated bank. We treasure our ability to continue to serve our local customers much the same way we have throughout our proud history. However, we also understand that times are changing, so we've created NXT as our mobile and electronic solution so that our customers can bank with us from almost anywhere and at any time.

Bringing our Branch to You

No, not an actual physical branch, but a virtual branch designed for you to no longer need to make those trips to the bank. All of our basic retail services are offered online, where you can apply for a loan or open a new checking account from the comfort of your home or office, and you can do so whenever the time is convenient for you. But, unlike those online-only banks, we add . . .

A Human Touch, Knowing our Customers

All the markets we serve have a NXT Banker, someone from your community that you know and trust. Please use our Zip Code finder to locate the local banker in your market, and feel free to contact them by either text, phone or email whenever the time is convenient for you. While we don't ask our NXT Banker to respond at all hours (unlike those faceless call centers), we do ask them to return all contacts as promptly as they can. And, for those times that you need that face-to-face discussion, we'll come to you. Find us one of those online banks that is willing to do that.

What about Business Products?

By all means, we figure small business owners will like our local banker philosophy as much as anyone. Each NXT Banker will be equipped to take business loan applications and to process new business checking accounts without a need for you to visit a branch. While not all of this can be done online, we'll come to you whether it be to discuss your business plans, to apply or close a loan, or to open one of our competitive business checking accounts.